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July 31st 2010 (EKOBA Europe Meeting)

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Attendees: Chief Idowu Sofola (SAN MON), Chief Clement Dasilva, Samuel Odusina, Victor Opayemi, Adetola Shonubi, Oladapo Aiyetigbo, Adetunji Taiwo, Michael Famakinwa, Adunola, Showemimo, Ekpele Dike, Bola Kareem, Adegbenga Shonubi, Bolaji Ojutalayo.
Minute taker: Adekunle Odetola

1. Introduction: All attendees introduced themselves. Mr Odetola used the opportunity to thank Chief Sofola, the current President of EKOBA, for honouring our invitation.

2. Current situation of E.B.H.S by the President.
Chief Sofola thanked all attendees. He is happy about our interest in our Alma mater. He then gave a detail situation of E.B.H.S at the moment. He said the school buildings are completely run down and even traders can be found around the school premises, Learner drivers use the football field for driving lessons, various religious groups use the premises with loud noise.

The structure of the building next to E-shaped block is very bad, no doors and windows in most of the class rooms. The E- shaped building is not occupied because it is in such a bad state. The school account is not properly kept.

He also mentioned that some service clubs donated desks and chairs to the school. He mentioned that some professionals were selected to find solution to the problems and about N15 million may be needed. Efforts were made to meet wealthy old Ekorians such as Chief Gabriel Igbinedion who promised N5million although the money is still being expected. He had earlier donated N1million to EKOBA.

Other Ekorians such retired General Adeyinka Adebayo and Dr Olushola Saraki were also contacted and they all promised to help.

The Lagos state government was also approached by the President. A letter detailing the needs of the school was given to Governor Babatunde Fashola. Lagos State sent their officials who recommended refurbishment of the school buildings. The government has yet to release funds. The President tried to see the governor but the meeting did not hold and the governor sent his apologies and a new date will be re arranged. There will be election of new EKOBA officers in September 2010 in Lagos.

3. Current E.B.H.S situation – view from the current Principal if any.
The President explained that an Old Ekorian was the Principal until a year ago. The current principal of E.B.H.S is a woman. The principal is in discussions with other old secondary schools in Lagossuch as Kings College, CMS grammar School, Igbobi College, Methodist Boys High School etc to form an association. She requested about N500,000 to join the association. The Principal also wrotea letter for N900, 000 for sporting activities that would be taking place between these schools.

4. Strategy to return E.B.H.S back to its glorious past. Oladapo Aiyetigbo suggested that a clear finance strategy should be in place to enhance accountability.

It was also suggested that only credible people with high integrity should be allowed to become executives of EKOBA in order to move the school forward.

Mr Adekunle Odetola suggested the setting up of E.B.H.S trust to be managed by EKOBA to take over the running of the school.

5. Setting up of E.B.H.S trust Adekunle Odetola recalled that there was no country called Nigeria when E.B.H.S was founded in 1913, therefore Reverend Euba could not have anticipated or imagine a non existence country / government to take over the school in future. He also stressed that one of the reasons he left Methodist Boys High School was to establish his own Independent school. A nine page written suggestion of how E.B.H.S trust should be set up was distributed to all attendees. The president agrees it is a good idea and will present it to EKOBA in Nigeria, and also seek audience with Lagos State government for permission to set up the trust.

6. Official web site for the school. The President said it has been raised in their meetings and two people were asked to look into it. EKOBA in Diaspora will finance and lead on the project.

Michael Famakinwa suggested E.B.H.S should have its own facebook page. This was agreed by all.

7. Development plans for the current site at Mushin and the new site at Lekki peninsula.
The President explained that the Mushin site has to be rebuilt first, before the new site at Lekki Peninsula. He assured us that the Land at Lekki is secured and can not be tampered with by anyone.

8. Plans for 100th Anniversary in 2013. Will the new school be ready by then?
The president said a committee has been set up for this purpose. Other Ekorians are also involved and he expects the new executive in September 2010 to continue with the committee’s work.

9. Establishment of EKOBA (Europe) and EKOBA (U.S.A) The president is in support of establishing EKOBA (Europe) and EKOBA (U.S.A). A formal letter will be written to the President in this regard.

Mr Dapo Aiyetigbo suggested a bank account with HSBC should be opened for EKOBA (Europe) and it was agreed.

10. Need to establish good communication link between EKOBA (Nigeria) and EKOBA in Diaspora. The president gave his contact details in Nigeria so that a more collaborative approach can be established with EKOBA in Diaspora.

11. Any Other Business (AOB)
Dapo Aiyetigbo suggested that there is an urgent need to change the orientation of the current students.
Chief DaSilva suggested accomplished old boys should act as role models for the current student by visiting the school. He also requested that
we should give thanks to Chief Sofola for his efforts thus far in helping the school.
Mr Adekunle Odetola asked how Ekorians in Diaspora can obtain the book about the history of E.B.H.S written by Joseph Njor. The president will make enquiries and get back to us.

Ola Sowemimo suggested that monthly meeting of EKOBA (Europe) be held at the same place. This was agreed to by everyone.
The next meeting is schedule for 2.00pm on Saturday 18th September 2010
Actions arising from EKOBA (Europe) meeting of 31st July 2010

Actions To be completed by:


Expected date of completion Comments


Wider consultation with EKOBA in Nigeria about setting up E.B.H.S Trust. Chief Idowu Sofola
2. Permission from Lagos State government to set up E.B.H.S trust Chief Idowu Sofola
3. Letter requesting the setting up of EKOBA in Europe and U.S.A EKOBA in Diaspora 31st August 2010
4. Set up official web site and facebook page for E.B.H.S EKOBA in Diaspora November 2010
5. Establishment of EKOBA in Europe and in U.S.A EKOBA in Diaspora November 2010
6. Proposed plans for the refurbishment of E.B.H.S Mushin site EKOBA Nigeria
7. Possibility of buying the book written by Old Ekorian called “History of Eko Boys High school” by Joseph Njor Chief Idowu Sofola

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