List Of Principals
13TH January 1913
23rd August 1927
Reverend William Benjamin Euba
24th August 1927
December 1948
Mr Obiadiah Edward Roberts
January 1948
15th October 1949
Mr Ayo Richards
16th October 1949
June 1950
Mr Obiadiah Edward Roberts
June 1950
December 1955
Mr.D.A. Odutayo (B.A. Hons)
January 1956
September 1956
Ekorian Victor George Chinwa (B.A)
October 1956
December 1962
Mr G. Percy Savage (M.A.)
11th April 1963
March 1967
Reverend Akin Adesola (B.A Dune / M.M)
March 1967
7th February 1968
Mr G.L. Momah B.Sc (Hons) London - Acting Principal
12th February 1968
June 1968
Reverend Akin Adesola (B.A Dune / M.M)
June 1968
31st July 1973
Mr G.L. Momah B.Sc (Hons) London
1st August 1973
7th August 1978
Mr Emmanuel O.O. Adefule (B.A)
8th August 1978
21st August 1981
Ekorian Prince A.O. Oyenuga (B.A. PGDE)
22nd August 1981
25th November 1981
Mrs F.O.Kufo (Acting Principal)
26th November 1981
17th September 1984
Mr A. Ehindero
15th September 1984
31st January 1988
Mr S.I.Ojo
1ST February 1988
8th January 1989
Mr A.O Adneye (Acting Principal)
13th January 1989
7th August 1993
Mr Benjamin Anyaeji, B.Sc
20th September 1993
1st May 1996
Alhaji O.E. Isiaka, B.A
26th September 1996
7th October 1999
Mr Remi Olu Adebayo, B.Sc
October 1999
Mrs Dorothy Mgbokwere (Senior Sec Schl)
October 1999
Mrs Amosa Eyinade Olufunke (Junior Sec Schl)