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    Who Founded Eko Boys' High School,
    It Was Reverend Euba
    Principal of Which Boy's High School
    Was He for Many Years
    Methodist (Wesleyan) Boys' High School
    For Ten and Seven Years
    To Principal Roberts' Faithful Friend
    Elijahs' Whole Mantle Fell

    Reverend Euba Founded Eko High School
    What A Proud Heritage He Has Left UsOh! Reverend Euba

    Out of the Island Of Lagos
    Out of the City Life
    Roberts Determined To Lead Us
    To Mushin Canaan’s Land
    Broad Street, Nor Oil Mill Couldn't Take Us
    Nor Ricca nor Ajel
    Then Sang the Boys of Eko High School
    This Chorus Which Rent the Air

    Pilot Us Home, Roberts Safe to Mushin
    Never Fear nor Be Discouraged Pilot Us
    Safe to Mushin

    Up Boys and Arm For Life's Battle
    Rough Way before You Lies
    Be Courteous, Honest and Gentle
    Book Knowledge Is Not All
    Fight the Fight: Prove Well Your Mettle
    High Aim High Ambition
    Let Those Who Disdain Africa
    Know Africa Has a God

    Eko High School Shall Never Fail
    But In Faith, Shall Wax From Strength To Strength
    Till Time Shall Be No More

    O God of Roberts And Euba
    To The We Raise Our Hands
    Praying That This Smoldering Ember
    Of Eko Boys' High School
    May By Thee Be Fanned For Ever Into Undying Flame
    Yes "In Domino Confidimus" For Ever Shall Tune Our Song

    "In Domino Confidimus",
    Shall Remain For Ever More the Motto Of Eko High School